Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Without Moving I Can See

candles shining in 5 windows
a stuffed gorilla
A Walking Tour of Asbury Park Map & Visitors Guide
three Chinese lantern slides
Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger
5 bottles of perfume
a black scherenschnitte picture of Lynchburg
a wedding photo (Morgan Le Fey dress)
a small aluminum Christmas tree from the '50s
a hand carved duck decoy
a Shaker child's chair
a diptych by Dahlia Elsayed
2 Japanese prints
one Japanese Otsu-e painting
a miniature dachshund
a glass of wine
a stuffed dog from Charles Kirby
a handcolored photo of the Coney Island boardwalk
5 Maine pine pillows
Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin
2 needlepoint pillows sewn by Margaret Adam
a Rubic's cube
a bottle of Klonopin
a woodcut of Chaco Canyon by Loren Batt
a pair of brown velvet slippers

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