Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's Do This Instead

There must be other people who redo a syllabus after the first class. That is what I am doing today. The one I wrote last week didn't fit. 
What am I changing? Less reading, and more. Am using parts of the  Janet Burroway book this spring, and The Making of a Poem by Mark Strand and Eaven Boland--Mark Strand is in our reading series this spring. Plus books by all our readers, including Toni Morrison who is coming in late April. The Bluest Eye, and A Mercy. 
A lot of reading. And, when I was with them last week I was intuitively certain we must also read The Death of Ivan Ilyich. So many techniques packed into that short novel. I would love to add Hadji Murad, what an exquisite a book that is. Too much? Too much. This time around.
Now to redivide everything, make some readings recommended, make room in the syllabus for spontaneity. The class can change the course of that river, make it a live mapping, guided by what needs to be discovered next.

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