Sunday, May 6, 2012


It is Saturday night and I am doing what I do on many Saturday nights--watching videos on YouTube. Often I stay up nearly all night doing this, if I am alone in the house. Tonight I have watched (a partial list), Freddie Mercury's entire 25 minute performance at LiveAid; Neil Young--Old Man, Helpless, Heart of Gold; Cat Stevens, How Can I Tell You; several versions of The Only Living Boy in New York; as always, Sinead's Feel So Different; Coldplay 2000 Miles; What Do All The People Know, The Monroes; Somebody I Used to Know (Glee version!); Helplessly Hoping, CSN....

This is a lonesome activity, meaning nothing to anyone. Yet I am listening for a feeling--for the one where he says, "Play me every song you love, every single one, and I will listen/watch with you, no matter how long it takes." And I say, "I want to hear all yours, too, no matter how long it takes."

image by Banksy

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