Saturday, April 16, 2011


I don't know why England has sent into the world these major gay male pop stars and we haven't. This seems to be largely about the '70s and '80s, too. I miss the whole feeling of that era and of these people being the big stars. It was such a time of hope for new and wild ways of being. I can still work up some exhilaration when I remember. The images these people brought into the world were saucy and free. I doubt the royal wedding will be as inspiring.


  1. Oh, please, since when have weddings been as much fun as the pop stars you describe? Most of these stars had to pretend they weren't who they are, until they knew it was time. And as far as Anglopholia, who knew I had it until I named my daughters Ruth and Miranda and was accused of being an Anglophile. Who knew?

  2. I recently named a list of my favorite movies and was accused of Anglophilia. I'll put them up next. It is true; I love England.

  3. When I was eleven, my best friend Sam Stubblefield and I copped faux-British accents and walked around the neighborhood telling kids & adults we were just visiting Texas with our father Elton John. When I found out soon after (People magazine headline in the grocery store) he might be shacking up with Bernie, it didn't seem to matter. He adopted us. And we had the sunglasses to prove it.

    Anyway, I love the 'outrageousness' of that era. I remember watching David Bowie donning a dress while belting a tune on Sat Night Live and thinking, "Wow! You can do that?"