Sunday, September 4, 2011

Four Hours in Philly

Grandad would never to take me to see where he grew up--too ashamed of how poor he'd been. Ironic that the heir moved there? Or predictable? It's a very very vibrant place if you are a kid who likes the life of urban exploration. Reminds me of my own youth here and there. I could have lived without being shown a few sights of heartstopping activities-- bit I approved of the caricature of a big betty with a dachshund being used as the example of model behavior.


  1. Love the photos, love the graffiti and wall art. makes me want to take a trip to Philly.

    You remind me of my parents' reaction when I first moved to Jersey City... "Why would you want to move here? We worked so hard to leave Elizabeth."

  2. I know. My mother keeps saying my grandfather must be rolling over with Asher living in Kensington.
    Philadelphia is great for the youth--cheap and brimming with art energy. I am apparently bourgeois for taking photos of the graff and all the wheat paste, but I love it.